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“Workcamps” are organised and run by Warrane College in conjunction with Reledev Australia Limited, a non-profit, voluntary and AusAID accredited NGO.

Workcamps have been held across the Pacific Rim, parts of Asia and at several Aboriginal communities within Australia. These volunteer service projects aim to contribute towards the immediate welfare and sustainable development of the various communities.

This initiative started in 1987 with the intention to serve people in need in developing countries and disadvantaged communities within Australia.

Workcamps also aim to encourage the generosity and sense of solidarity of young Australians.

Workcamp participants meet their own accommodation and travel expenses in addition to contributing towards the project cost. Participants are also involved in seeking donations or sponsorship from companies and individuals to cover the remaining costs.

2017 Vietnam Workcamp:

2016 Condobolin Workcamp:

2013 India Workcamp:

2009 Indonesia Workcamp:


Since 1987

Warrane College has been organizing voluntary workamps since 1987. A full list of past Workcamps is shown below:

1987 South Australia

1988 Papua New Guinea

1989 Tonga

1990 The Philippines

1991 The Philippines

1992 Western Samoa

1993 Western Samoa

1994 Western Australia

1995 The Philippines

1996 Northern Territory

1997 Indonesia

1998 Fiji Islands

1999 Papua New Guinea

2000 Northern Territory

2001 Tonga

2002 Mexico

2003 Fiji Islands

2004 Northern Territory

2005 Fiji Islands

2006 Fiji Islands

2007 Vietnam

2008 Kenya

2009 Indonesia

2010 Samoa

2011 Ipswich, Queensland

2011 East Timor

2012 Sri Lanka

2013 India

2014 The Philippines

2016 Condobolin, NSW

2017 Vietnam

2018 Vanuatu

2019 Tonga

2020 Macksville, NSW

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