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Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Warrane’s Yoyo Champion

Bo Wen

Many Warrane residents will already be familiar with the skills of our resident from Tianjin (China) Bo Wen. Bo is well known mainly due to his astonishing talent with the yoyo – a skill that he displayed for the whole College earlier this year during the visit of the Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell.

Bo explains that he became interested in the yoyo in 2006 when he was 15 years old.

“The catalyst for yoyoing was an accident in a sports competition,” he says. “I fell down in a running race and my right arm was heavily injured. So I couldn't do any strenuous exercise for a while.

“At the same time, there was a TV play called Blazing Teens, teaching children some basic yoyo tricks. Kids were fascinated with this, and you could see kids playing yoyo everywhere.

“I love to play with kids, so the yoyo could be a medium between me and kids. Besides, I felt that I hadn’t played yoyo enough when I was a kid! So this is how I got started.”

Since then Bo has been playing yoyo with the dedication of a true champion and kept it up after coming to Australia in 2008 to complete high school at Dickson College in Canberra.

He moved to Sydney in 2011 to begin university and is currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree, majoring in actuarial studies and finance.

He has now been playing yoyo seriously for six years and every day he practices for around two hours -– depending, he says, on whether he has any assignments due.

“To reach my current level, I studied other players' tricks for about three years. Then I started to create my own style of yoyoing. I think that achieving a good skill with the yoyo requires both creativity and practice”.

Highlights from Bo’s career so far include first place in a local championship in China in 2008, fourth place in the Australian National Yoyo Championships in 2011 and second place in a local competition in China earlier this year.

Bo says his favourite play style is “speed play”, his favourite yoyo is the Sleipnir and his favourite trick is the “reverse triangle”.

If you haven’t seen him in action yet, it is not something to be missed. You can catch up with him on Youtube which has a video of him competing at the Australian National Yoyo Championships.