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Warrane celebrates its best ever semester of sport

2016 Sports

Warrane is starting Semester Two on a high, after the college sports teams won all but one of their games over the 13 weeks of Semester One.

“Last four years we’ve won the sports competition overall, so this year we’re going for our fifth in a row,” says Nathan Wendt, one of Warrane’s two Sports Directors. “We had a 10-week unbeaten streak or something and then lost the netball final, but that was the only game we lost.”

“A lot of it is to do with the spirit of the college this year,” says the college’s other Sports Director, Chris Chan. “It’s a lot to do with how the boys participate and give it their everything…and we’re just happy to watch it on the side and get supporters there.”

Apart from missing out on the netball grand final win, Warrane’s teams scored the top spot in all their other competitions: cricket, water polo, cross country, rugby, tennis and touch footy.

“A lot of sports we hadn’t ever won before – like cricket we hadn’t won in like 15 years,” says Wendt. “In netball we’d never gotten to the grand final; and rugby’s always a really tough competition because a lot of the other colleges have pretty strong teams as well, so to go undefeated in that competition was really good as well.”

The cricket grand final brought plenty of excitement, with the Warrane boys leading most of the game before starting to choke towards the end. But it certainly wasn’t over, with Joe Donnelly coming out to hit a six and secure the game for the college – a fantastic way to get the wins of the semester rolling.

One of the highlights of the semester was the rugby grand final. “It was 7-all for most of the game,” says Wendt, “and with like five minutes to go, we just pushed up the line and everyone was on the sidelines screaming at our boys… And we just got over the line and scored the winning try. That was a great feeling.”

A special mention went to Max Jones – who scored that winning try – for putting up with multiple injuries, being so committed to the college side while also playing for a local team, and being a great role model for the younger guys with all his hard work. There were also a few players who were mildly concussed from contact and tackles, but as Chan put it, “…they stuck with it and kept playing and ultimately delivered the results. We’re just all really proud of them and just really grateful for the effort they put into it for the college.”

So what does the college’s success come down to? Both Sports Directors made it clear that it was very much about all the residents getting together to back the teams – whether that meant packing into the uni gym’s pool area for the water polo final or getting in and having a go at cross country (where participation is what really helps to bring in the points).

“Like Chris said, it’s really the culture of the college,” says Wendt. “Not only the guys who put in the hard yards on the field, but also everyone else who doesn’t play gets down on the sidelines and cheers them on… It’s just things like that, I think, that contribute to our success.”

“I just think sport is such an essential part of the college; even if you don’t play, you go to support,” says Chan. “It’s a huge foundation of the college experience and it’s one big reason why this college is so great, you know – the spirit is so good, and everyone is so united, and we support each other in everything. And it’s just been great that Nathan and I have been given the opportunity to make sure everything runs well and also lead the boys in another year of continuing to win the Sports Shield. It’s been a great experience.”

Congratulations, boys, on a great past semester of sports – and here’s to this semester being as successful too!