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Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Small-town boy becomes a global citizen

Dan MarinariOur 2012 Valedict from the United States, Dan Marinari, is essentially a small-town boy. He grew up in a town outside Philadelphia where he attended Lansdale Catholic High School, but after school finished Dan decided that he wanted to spread his wings.

His decision to fly halfway across the world to study at UNSW and to make Warrane his home was a momentous one. He points that the he is the only member of his family living outside of the US.

And considering the subject choices he made in in his Bachelor of Arts, which included Spanish and Italian, he clearly plans to continue to develop as a global citizen.

While at Warrane Dan continued to sample foreign cultures, not only by mixing freely with the College’s many residents from overseas, but also by taking part in one of Warrane’s work camps in Indonesia.

Dan showed an impressive willingness to get involved in the College’s cultural life. Among the many things he involved himself in while in College was taking up the position of Warrane’s Admissions Officer during 2011.

He was one of our most enthusiastic film buffs, directing and acting in three films while he was a resident. And he also got involved in the College’s sporting life, achieving a half-blue in volleyball.

Throughout it all, Dan showed it was possible to be active on many fronts without allowing extracurricular activities to interfere with your university studies. While he was at Warrane he managed to maintain a Distinction average and received two Warrane Scholars Medallions.