Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW
Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Resident found College life a rewarding experience

Angus Heath

Angus Heath is one of those residents who made the most of the opportunities a College like Warrane offers by getting involved in as many aspects of College life as possible.

Coming to UNSW from a small country town like Jerilderie in the southern Riverina district of NSW (population 768) many students might be tempted to bury themselves in their room and their studies.

But instead Angus immersed himself in everything from College sport and cultural activities to helping others with their studies.

He says one of the most rewarding experiences he had while at Warrane was taking part in the College workcamp in Sri Lanka last year.

“The workcamp was great,” he said. “Workcamps are a unique experience in that you get to learn about and experience a very different culture, not from a tourist perspective but from the perspective of ordinary people. I think you learn a lot more that way.”

“The school we helped out during the camp, and especially the kids, were very grateful to us, and seeing them happy with far less than we have in Australia, as well as the hard work involved with the work camp, helps you remain grateful for everything we have.”

Another experience that stood out for Angus was being a College Tutor, helping out other Commerce students. He said the role involved plenty of work, but was a rewarding experience.

“While I had always taken an interest in everyone at college I still had a small group of people I associated with more,” he said. “Being a tutor helps you to learn to take a keen interest in people’s lives who you otherwise may not have been involved with. It places a lot of responsibility on you to keep the floor from falling apart and to make sure everyone is studying sufficiently and is content with college life.”

Angus was a strong supporter of college sports and says he also enjoyed the guest talks after formal dinner.

He said another thing he liked about being a Warrane resident was the College’s “strong and genuine sense of collegiality”.

“The number of opportunities Warrane provides to its residents to help them develop themselves further and broaden their horizons – like the diploma of education course that it offers, the annual work camp and the formal dinner talks – all stood out.

Angus has already secured a job with accounting firm Crowe Horwath, Sydney.

“I will be working in the Tax department so I can make good use of my Tax law studies as part of my Commerce degree,” he said.

Angus’s advice to new residents is: “Make the most of it. College doesn’t force you to do anything but it offers a lot. It would be a shame to not get involved and miss a great opportunity to develop yourself.”