Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW
Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Pell Peals for Defense of Decency

George Pell (Pictured)

The visit by the Archbishop of Sydney, His Eminence George Cardinal Pell AC on Wednesday, September 21, began with a very special Mass in the College chapel, during which he baptised resident Truman Mak.

After sharing formal dinner with a number of distinguished guests, including the former President of the NSW Legislative Council, Mr John (Johno) Johnson, the Cardinal joined residents and staff in the main common room.

He answered many questions on a range of subjects, including the relationship between social issues and the law, the impact of the Greens’ policies on society, human freedom, and the Church’s ability to rise above negative publicity.

The Cardinal urged residents to speak out publicly on important issues and to consider joining a political party of their choice.

“We need good Christians on both sides of the house,” he said. “A good percentage of you people should get into politics – if you don’t, who will?”

He said the Catholic Church had an historical role in Australia to battle for the “traditional decencies”. “If we can present the case strongly enough a lot of people will go along with it,” he said.

Cardinal Pell said he was more optimistic about young people embracing the church than he was 10 or 15 years ago when he observed “much more hostile feedback” from young people.

He said that the symbol of the cross remained a very powerful symbol that was “etched into the psyche of the western world.”

“But there is still a ton of work to be done. We need people like yourselves, people who have integrity and faith to stand up.”

He pointed out that the number of Catholics in Australia had increased by 200,000 between 2002 and 2006.

While the church should not impose specifically Christian solutions on other people, he said it was still possible to enlist the support of non-Christians by appealing to natural law and human rights.

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