Our Vision

Warrane strives to help residents build a strong character. From promoting an atmosphere of mutual help and support among residents to providing opportunities to mix with top UNSW staff members and leaders from the wider community, Warrane is there to help residents excel at uni and in life. We believe solid values and professional attitudes promote strong families and a strong society. Warrane is about helping students become well-rounded individuals and men of character who make wise career decisions and have a strong awareness of the bigger picture, taking in the needs of family, friends and society. In essence, Warrane seeks to equip students to live full and fulfilling lives.

The College

Warrane College UNSW is an independent residential college for men affiliated with the University of New South Wales (UNSW). The name “Warrane” is derived from the name given to Sydney Cove by the original inhabitants. It is sometimes spelled as “Warrang” on early European maps.

Since 1970, Warrane has been a home away from home for thousands of young men studying at university. In the tradition of Oxbridge colleges, Warrane supports the pursuit of academic excellence and all-round development within a community of university students, teachers and researchers.

Twenty-five residents, including two residential tutors, make up each residential unit of the College. Each student belongs to a community which is small enough to be personal yet large enough to offer cultural diversity and an extensive network of friendship and academic support.

Each year more than forty guests from academia, politics, the professions, business and sport address the residents. This fosters the professional and personal aspirations of the residents through contact with people of high professional standing.

The College promotes a large range of academic, cultural, social, spiritual and sporting activities as well as community projects to give each resident an opportunity for personal growth.

Warrane College is a project of Education Development Association, a not-for-profit company and a registered charity. The pastoral care of the College has been entrusted to Opus Dei, an institution of the Catholic Church.


Warrane seeks to provide a stimulating environment in which the intellectual, moral and overall human development of the men who live there can flourish. Essentially, the college tries to provide a framework within which these ideals can be realised, and it utilises the resources and services of men who share these aims.

More specifically, Warrane’s aims are:

  • 1. To ensure good study conditions and further the intellectual development offered by the university;
    2. To promote a spirit of friendship and understanding in an atmosphere of warmth and service to others;
    3. To provide, for those students who wish it, the opportunity to know and practise the Christian faith more fully;
    4. To encourage participation in all aspects of university life; and
    5. To foster an awareness of one’s social responsibility and of the opportunities to contribute to the needs of the society in which we live.

College Shield

The Warrane shield was designed to symbolise the traditions and aspirations behind the College, UNSW and the nation.

The lines at the base of the shield represent the seas which surround Australia and on which so many of its inhabitants came. The sailing ship in the centre also draws attention to the fact that many nationalities came to this country by boat, many as a result of injustice like today’s refugees. Fittingly, Warrane’s residents are drawn from many nations and represent many creeds and religions. All are welcome, provided with a real home and treated equally.

The cross at the top of the shield is taken from the UNSW shield, acknowledging the partnership between Warrane and a University that also welcomes students from around the globe.

Warrane College
356 Anzac Parade
Kensington NSW 2033
+61 2 9313 0300