Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW
Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Occasional Papers

In order to capture the flavour of some of the talks by Wednesday Night Guests, in 2007 it was decided to initiate “Occasional Papers”, where the speaker was willing and able to supply a copy of the talk. Other papers in the series relate to responses to public enquiries on higher education.

Occasional Papers available online include:

“Advocates’ Immunity: Ethics and the Law” by Honorable Justice Margaret Beazley AO – Occasional Paper No. 17

“Practical Emotional Intelligence” by Chris Golis – Occasional Paper No. 16

“The Agenda of the Greens” by Kevin Andrews MP – Occasional Paper No. 15

“Preparing for the Ball” by Gemma Saccassan – Occasional Paper No. 14

“Darwinism, Dawkins and Evolutionary Algorithms” by A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 13

“Demographic Winter: The Causes and Consequences of Rapidly Declining Birth Rates” by Don Feder – Occasional Paper No. 12

“The Future – An Opportunity: It’s Your Responsibility” by Allan Laurie – Occasional Paper No. 11

“Intuitionistic Fuzzy Logic and the Probabilism of the Provisional Acceptance of a Scientific Theory” by K.T. Atanassov and A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 10

“Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Climate Change and Beyond” by Pedro J. Toranzo – Occasional Paper No. 9

“From Universities Admission Index to Australian Tertiary Admission Rank: A Briefing Paper” by A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 8

“Comments on Setting and Monitoring Academic Standards For Australian Higher Education” by A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 7

“Strengthening the Australian Qualifications Framework: A Response” by A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 6

“Some Comments on the Bradley Review of Higher Education in Australia” by A.G. Shannon AM – Occasional Paper No. 5

“The African Experience” by Dr Michelle Sanson – Occasional Paper No. 4

“Can Lawyers Change the World” by Professor Michael Adams – Occasional Paper No. 3

“Live Full, Die Empty” by Sergio Carlo Maresca – Occasional Paper No. 2

“Prophecies of G.K. Chesterton” by Karl Schmude – Occasional Paper No. 1