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Neil Fernandes Awarded PhD

Neil Dan Fernandes (Left) and former Warrane College dean Aruthur Escamilla (Right)

Warrane resident Dr. Neil Fernandes was awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology and Immunology last Thursday night at the Clancy Auditorium at UNSW.

Neil’s thesis, entitled Molecular Studies on the Role of Bacteria in a Marine Algal Disease was submitted earlier this year and accepted without amendments. His thesis has already produced a number of publications and Neil expects a few more to follow from it.

“After many years of work, it was great to be able to say ‘That’s it, I’ve finished'” said Neil, after the ceremony.

Neil is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sydney. His research is now directed towards molecular studies on the evolution of influenza viruses and also towards developing molecular methods for the rapid detection of influenza  and other respiratory viruses.

Neil first moved to Warrane in 2007 and continues to provide tuition to medicine and medical science students at the College in microbiology and immunology.

“I always relish the opportunity to teach undergraduates” he said.