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Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

HSC students warm to study at Warrane’s annual HSC camp

Warrane’s 2015 HSC Study Camp was a big winner judging by the feedback from students, many of whom said they wanted to move into the College next year.

That was not the goal of the exercise, but organisers said the enthusiasm for life in the College was encouraging for the many Warrane residents who helped to make the camp such a success.

In all 21 high-school students from six schools around NSW attended the study camp which was held from Sunday 28 June to Thursday 2 July during the UNSW break between first and second semesters.

The primary aim was to help students prepare for the NSW Higher School Certificate and to develop study skills that will continue to help them when they get to university.

Organiser Blaise Joseph said the camp involved 35 hours of supervised study in the college library with students studying for up to nine hours each day. He was very impressed by the work ethic that the students displayed.

“They worked consistently without requiring a lot of supervision and without complaining,” he said. “They were clearly keen to do well in the HSC.”

Among the highlights of the camp was a series of tutorials run by Warrane residents on a range of subjects. They were given by residents currently completing a university degree in the relevant subject areas, including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, business studies, English, and Spanish.

College staff provided all meals throughout the camp giving students the opportunity to concentrate completely on their study.

The only significant distractions were the daily break for playing sport and regular get-togethers to help participants bond and interact with each other.

This gave them an opportunity to broaden their experience with the students from other schools and backgrounds.

One participant summed up: “I was impressed by the level of study that could be achieve. I think it was the perfect atmosphere – everyone wanted to do the same thing. And it was awesome meeting a whole bunch of new guys from all over Sydney.”

The camp has become a tradition at Warrane running running annually for 40 consecutive years, right from the College’s earliest days.