Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW
Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

From The Master

It is an honour to write as Master of Warrane College.The College has achieved a milestone when a previous 1st year resident (1978) can become the Master. There have been significant changes for the better since then.

UNSW, which was once regarded in Sydney as “not the University”, is now a member of the prestigious Group of Eight (Go8). Universities have become places of calm and diligent work and Warrane has benefitted from this.

Challenges and opportunities have come thick and fast during the first 40 years of Warrane’s existence. These have included changes in funding for Universities and Colleges, globalisation, the internet, and now Australia’s Asian Century. Warrane has not only survived but thrived in this changing landscape. The percentage of residents who achieve a distinction or a credit average increases every year. Our former residents are having an impact in different environments of Australian and international public and family life.

The role of Master has also evolved. The first and founding master, now Reverend Father Joseph “Doc” Martins, steered the ship of Warrane through challenging times to a stable harbour. Dr Chris French consolidated and grew Warrane through the 90’s into being recognised for its academic excellence. Professor Tony Shannon over a decade spanning from 2001 to 2011 added his own educational depth to Warrane. He systematised our publications, began in earnest the outreach to old boys, particularly with the monthly Warrane Association lunches in the city, and oversaw our needed refurbishment.

With the internal environment of the College well in hand under the responsible tutelage of our Deans and Tutors, the Master can now concentrate on relationships outside the college. Engagement with prospective residents, parents, old boys, University, government, NGOs and other significant stakeholders are avenues to further the ideals of the College.

Professor Fogarty

Dr Gerald Fogarty is the Director of the Mater Sydney Radiotherapy Centre and attends multidisciplinary clinics for cancers arising from skin, urological and breast tissues.

He has spearheaded the use of Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy at St Vincent’s and the Mater. He trained at Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Australia’s largest cancer centre. He has over 25 first author publications and is the principal investigator of an International Phase III Trial in radiotherapy in melanoma.
He is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Technology, Sydney and Adjunct Professor at the University of Notre Dame, Sydney.

He has an interest in education and is currently the Master of Warrane College, having been the Dean there for 12 years in the 1990s.