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Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

Frith First for Cultural Achievement


Tom Frith (Pictured) playing the guitar during one of Warrane college’s cultural event

Tom Frith, Warrane’s Cultural Achievement scholarship winner for 2011, is a genuine all rounder. Tom is not only combining Science and Music for his undergraduate degree, but is also an accomplished sportsman, musician and singer.

At school, at Newcastle Grammar, Tom played cricket and hockey for both his school and for Newcastle teams. He also played baritone saxophone for the school orchestra and band and sang in the school’s choirs.

How does he fit it all in?

“I don’t really know,” he said. “In fact I don’t always manage to fit everything in. This year I was very disappointed because I couldn’t play for Warrane in soccer and touch footy.”

Nevertheless, he has managed to play hockey, cricket and ultimate frisbee, as well as singing in the university choir and in the Sydney Philharmonia. In his spare time, Tom still practices the baritone sax and plays guitar.

In his university course, he has taken Advanced Science, concentrating mainly on Chemistry, but he hopes to move on to Medicinal Chemistry eventually with the long-term goal of becoming qualified to design pharmaceuticals.

Both of Tom’s parents, Mark and Lynne, studied Chemistry, as well as his older brother, Matthew. Tom’s  brother is a Pharmacist and his mum teaches Chemistry.

Tom said he misses Newcastle, particularly because he is separated from his family and friends, but says that Warrane has made the transition to uni a lot easier.

“College is a great place to be,” he said. “The environment here is really good. There is a great balance between study and socialising. I have found it a well rounded experience.”

“And winning the scholarship has been fantastic. It has helped me to live here. The extra cash has helped me quite a bit.”