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‘Bra Boys’ producer says ‘you are what you dream’

Michael Lawrence on the power of the stories 

One of Australia’s most successful film-makers, Mr Michael Lawrence, shared some of his own life lessons with Warrane residents when he spoke at the College on Wednesday, 16 May 2012.

Michael’s main message to students was to get in and have a go, no matter what direction life took them in.

He based his talk on an outline of how most of the highly successful films ever made have been structured, pointing out that most of them put an ordinary person in an extraordinary situation or an extraordinary person in an ordinary situation.

“Think of your life as a feature film,” he said. “What will happen when you are put outside your comfort zone.”

“In your life at times you really have to understand what your beliefs are because you are what you believe. You should think about these things your whole life.”

Michael was the producer of Australia’s highest-grossing documentary, Bra Boys, about a group of surfers who grew up in the Maroubra area and the film Fighting Fear, which will be released later this year in cinema’s in the USA. He has also run a number of businesses, including Garage Entertainment, a film distribution company.

Michael gave residents an insight into the struggle he went through to achieve what he has. He said he started out at the age of 14 with the dream of making films.

“You are what you dream,” he said. “And right now you are building the attitudes and dreams that you will have for the rest of your lives.”

One of Michael’s biggest achievements has been enlisting famous Australian actor’s Russell Crowe for “Bra Boys” & Joel Edgerton for “Fighting Fear” the narrating roles – an achievement that he said came only after a lot of struggle and after getting a lot of assistance from other people. It’s All about the TEAM!

“Don’t be scared to say ‘I don’t know – I need some help’,” he said. “There are a lot of people out there who want good things for other people.”

Michael assured residents that they could achieve anything they wanted in life as long as they had a plan and believed in something greater than themselves.

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