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Film festival unearths hidden talent

Warrane’s Film Festival, held at the Ritz Cinema in Randwick on Thursday 13 September, 2012, was a great success, showcasing some of the hidden film-making talent among residents.

The guest judges for the event were the producer of Australia’s most successful documentary, The Bra Boys, Michael Lawrence, film student Ashley Godwin and former resident Tom McKeown.

The judges said that the quality of the films produced by College residents exceeded their expectations.

The standard on display was underlined by the fact that the judges’ decision was not unanimous.

The winning film, made by a team from Warrane’s 5th Floor, was titled “The New Guy”. Its genre was mixed, spanning “crime/heist to comedy and blatant homage”. The film was produced by “Quintus Productions”, directed by Casper Chia and edited by Ernest Kwock. It starred Thiran Perera as “Malcom Gibbott” a prospective student who is interviewed for a place in Warrane by Warrane’s Dean Arthur Escamilla (played by himself).

In an on-camera interview after his meeting with the Dean, Gibbott modestly explains his popularity and the fact that he is “the guy who knows everything”.

The man behind the scenes who brought everything together for the festival was the College’s Cultural Director Rhys Gard. He commented: “The quality was very good.

Most floors shot their film in high definition and edited well. Some floors – like the 6th – left it too late, and consequently were forced to limit their story.

“But on the whole we were very happy with the results.”

The theme of the night was “The Four Obstructions”, which were spelt out in the requirements set out for entries.

They were:

  1. You must not film inside college;
  2. You must include a dance scene in your film;
  3. You must have a shot/sequence that pays homage to another film;
  4. You must compose/cover an original score.

If you would like to take a look at the winning film, you will find it above.

Another popular entry was “Peripheral” by the 7th Floor which took out Best Director and Best Dance Choreography. It was directed and edited by Dallen Chan and starred Zac Clift, Greg Aouad, Charitha Katupitiya and Henry Wong.