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Consul Highlights Ongoing Role of Diplomacy

Diplomacy is not a quaint anachronism, according to the Consul General of Spain in Sydney, Señor Gerardo Bugallo Ottone. Rather, diplomats continue to play a key role in modern international relations.

Señor Bugallo spoke to residents after formal dinner this Wednesday about his diplomatic career which has included postings in Algeria, Tokyo, Budapest, New York, and Geneva.

“Diplomacy puts one in an excellent position to observe history unfolding” he said.

But according to Señor Bugallo, the role is not limited to observation. Although modern technology allows heads of states to travel much more easily, the diplomatic relations between countries are mostly resolved before and after these visits.

“You would be amazed at the amount of platitudes that are exchanged when two heads of state meet.”

Señor Bugallo said that diplomats should have the courage to speak their mind and to stand for some ideals.” Modern diplomacy is not just about relations between leaders. With democratic states, diplomacy is also about the image one portrays to an entire population.”

Señor Bugallo argued there is an ongoing propaganda war going on between differing ideologies, and that many Western democracies were not fighting the war.

“There is a complete lack of conviction in some Western states regarding their own history and identity. This can make them vulnerable.”

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