College of Teachers

Warrane College is an Institutional Member of the College of Teachers, London. Under the guidance of former College Master, Professor Tony Shannon AM, Warrane applied to become a teaching Centre of this institution.

Warrane now offers two accredited courses through the College of Teachers. These are the Certificate of Educational Studies (COES) and the Diploma of Educational Studies (DOES). The courses are available to residents who have an interest in education and teaching or who simply want to broaden their own education. Typically the resident is expected to be involved in teaching or tutoring in some way either in the College or at the University.

The curriculum for the program at Warrane covers 12 key areas in teacher education, the first six comprising the Certificate course and the latter six the Diploma. A text written by Professor Shannon, The Generic Skills of Teacher Education, comprises the basic text of the course. This text is available online. Students are encouraged to read into current issues in education and into the history of education for the completion of the assignments associated with the program.

Overall the course is designed to supplement the practical experience of those already involved in education and to sensitize them to issues relating to teaching at all levels. Given that the provision of education or training is a requirement of almost any professional role at some point, the course is beneficial to students from a range of degrees.

Classes are held in the evenings over both semesters of the academic year. Since the College became accredited in 2007, more than 50 students have completed the Certificate of Educational Studies and 30 have completed the Diploma. The programs are also available to members of the public.

Enquiries can be made by contacting Mr Roland Mapa.


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