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College Refurbishment

After being the home of over 3,000 strong and energetic young men, Warrane was due for an upgrade. So, in the year 2000, 30 years since the College opened its doors, a program of refurbishment was launched. The refurbishment has seen an upgrade of all student accommodation, common facilities and academic areas. Warrane now offers a modern and attractive living environment for students at UNSW.

The refurbishment has been financed primarily with commercial borrowing. The operations of the College are only able to cover about 20% of the interest expense, the balance and capital repayments are funded with appeals for donations. Warrane is not able to fund a larger portion since the fees are comparable to those of other colleges at UNSW but we try to keep a higher level of care of residents (for example, cleaning three times per week) and standard of the facilities; we see these as important aspects of the College environment.


Scholarships and Bursaries

Benefactors are welcome to make a contribution towards the existing range of Scholarships and Bursaries, or to establish new ones.

Currently the majority of the funding for Scholarships and Bursaries comes from the operations of the College. Warrane does not receive any external funding for this purpose.

Offers to establish new scholarships for students of a particular faculty or place of origin are welcome. For further information, please contact the Dean, Arthur Escamilla.


Upgrade of the Chapel

The Chapel has been a place of prayer and solace for countless residents.

Since it was established it has not had any major work done to it and we would like to undertake a work of refurbishment.

Our aim is to:

  1. Replace the pews;
  2. Fix and soundproof the windows;
  3. Enrich the floor, the walls and the sanctuary; and
  4. Insulate the roof and install air conditioning.

In addition, certain elements of the sanctuary need improvement including the candlesticks, crucifix, presbyterial chair and the backdrop for the statue of Our Lady.



Warrane has been conducting voluntary workcamps since 1987 where volunteers pay their own way to work for approximately three weeks in a community in need. Sometimes the cost to participate in a workcamp can be prohibitive for some students and over the years several Old Boys and friends have made generous donations to defray the cost for these volunteers.

Donations to defray the cost of volunteers do not attract a tax-deduction. However, donations made to the developmental project itself, such as to pay for building or educational supplies, attract a tax deduction.

Enquiries about how to support the next Workcamp can be directed to Roland Mapa (Director of Operations).  


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