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Architecture Student Revisits Babel

Verkram (Left) and Miguel Paredes (Right)

Communication has always fascinated Miguel Paredes, a final year Masters of Architecture student at UNSW. It is no surprise he made it the theme for the final design project of his degree.

Miguel, who is also Warrane’s Assistant Dean and 3rd floor senior tutor, has had the project, entitled ‘Babel Revisited’, nominated for a number of prizes. It was shortlisted in the UNSW group for the Institute of Architects NSW Chapter Design Medal Award, and has been nominated for the The L Peter Kollar Memorial Prize. The latter is awarded for “excellent scholarship making a significant contribution to the promotion of human dignity and social and environmental responsibility with respect for the whole human person in a whole world.”

Babel Revisited is a scheme for the rehabilitation of the tramsheds located near Harold Park raceway in Sydney. Miguel proposed an Institute of Languages.

“Being an international student myself, I experienced the personal challenges of immersion in a new language” said Miguel.

Aside from featuring classrooms and libraries, the proposal is notable for its ‘forum space’ which provides a focal point for interaction with the local community.

The models for the project were unique in that Miguel chose to construct them entirely out of timber. “Timber allows you to create a more abstract representation of the space than conventional model materials” said Miguel.

Miguel could be seen working long hours on the project in the ‘Architect’s Room’ at Warrane late last year. “Without the support and help of the college this project would not have come to its fullness. I am very grateful for the support of the college over the last four years of my degree”.

“Warrane has help me to look for academic excellence and perfection, qualities that are relevant to good architecture.”

An abstract of the proposal is available here and images are available here.