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Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW

An old boy who has left his mark on Warrane

Matthew Saxby, Siri Lanka Work camp 2012

Few Warrane residents can say they have left their mark by establishing a new college tradition, but Matthew Saxby managed to help establish two.

In his second year at Warrane, he took on the role of cultural director and pushed for the introduction of two new cultural events – the Warrane Masterchef and the Warrane Billycart Competition.

As most people who have been involved in College life over the past few years will know, both events are now annual favourites with residents.

But Matthew, who completed his studies at UNSW last semester and is now a College old boy, made a much bigger contribution to College life. For a start, in his third and fourth year, he was a tutor on third floor, a role he says he relished.

“I loved being a tutor,” he said. “It gave me the opportunity to bring together a group of residents from very different walks of life, learn from them and share our university experiences together.”

Although he spent so much time helping the College and other residents, Matthew says he received much in return over the years.

“I loved college life,” he said. “When I first moved down from the Central Coast, at the beginning of my first year of university in February 2009, I knew no one at UNSW. College gave me the opportunity to make a whole new set of friends.

“In first year I tried to get involved in as much as possible. I especially enjoyed activities like Task Force, which involved helping out the underprivileged in Redfern.”

During his time at UNSW Matthew studied Software Engineering and Commerce and did well enough to become an exchange student in the United States.

“I was able to write my research thesis at Georgia Tech in Atlanta,“ he explained. “It gave me the chance to fuse an unreal learning experience with immersing myself in southern American culture.”

Matthew is now confident that he has laid the foundations to give him two main options for his future career. He says he could move to the US and work for an IT consulting company or take a job with an advertising agency in Sydney.

He has already applied to several local advertising agencies and other companies because it would allow him to stay in Australia and remain close to his family.

It would also allow him to stay in touch with Warrane and the friends he made while at the College.

“The highlight for me at Warrane has to be the friends that I have made,” he said. “Living with the people that I met at Warrane changed me. I learnt about different cultures, varied perspectives and different professions.

“It’s an experience that I would recommend to everyone and one that I will remember forever.”