Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW
Warrane College UNSW | college accommodation for students at UNSW


The College works hard to maintain the surroundings in which the residents can study quietly and effectively all year around. The library, seminars and tutorial rooms are always available.


The college library accommodates up to 20 students, with individual study desks.

The library is air-conditioned and is a sanctuary of silent study, not just at exam time. It’s a popular destination for private study for residents and friends.

Seminar Room

The seminar room is used for personal study as well as group study sessions and meetings. Regular seminars, classes and academic tutorial sessions are held here.

Academic Seminars and Publications

The College hosts academic seminars on a variety of topics that are both of academic interest and have broader social implications. A number of publications arise from these seminars.

Study Weekends & Study Days

Weekends and days away for study are organised by College staff and residential tutors to help residents vary their study environment. These occur most frequently around examination time. The Household Administration caters for these events so that residents can maximise their time for revision.

Engineers Room / Workshop

Students can work on projects using power drills, grinders and saws, particularly for their subjects in engineering, construction and the like. The room is securely locked and certified for Australian OH&S standards.

Common study areas

Other common study rooms are located on the first floor, for private study, group study sessions and meetings, or for sitting online exams.

The academic achievement of its residents is a key yardstick by which Warrane gauges its success. In recent years, over 50% of Warrane residents have achieved a distinction average or higher, which is far higher than the UNSW average. On the whole, every student who makes use of the academic tutoring programme achieves a distinction average or higher.

Academic and Professional Development Committee

The Academic and Professional Development Committee, founded in 2022, seeks to guide students with their academic progress, but also organises Faculty Dinners, where residents from a particular faculty gather to meet and network with a successful alumnus or other professional to get more focused and relevant input. The committee also connects current students with old boys and College friends, and often this leads to employment opportunities and internships. The committee runs professional development seminars to help students with public speaking, job interviewing techniques and resume construction.

Academic Awards

Academic achievement is recognised in awards presented to College residents. One of the most sought-after awards is the annual College Scholars Medallion which is presented by a prominent academic to residents who have achieved a distinction average in their subjects in the previous year.

At Wednesday formal dinners, the Master regularly presents the “Master’s award for academic achievement“. This occasional award is presented to a student who has achieved an excellent result in a mid-semester examination or assignment.

Visiting Academics

During the year, Warrane hosts a number of academics visiting UNSW. They add to the academic environment of the College and occasionally provide assistance to residents through formal tutorials and informal discussions of their field.