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O4Orsum – A Youtube Hit

Dallen ChanWarrane resident Dallen Chan has become a hit on Youtube with his personal video channel notching up more than half a million hits.

On the channel, the second-year engineering student plays piano, directs music videos and showcases his talent for singing, dancing and comedy.

Among the piano covers are pieces made famous by artists like Taylor Swift, Shakira, Rihanna and Stan Walker.

“My Youtube channel is something I put a lot of time into,” Dallen said. “Since January 2010 I have uploaded one hundred videos which have had a total of 500,000 views.”

Dallen was born to Chinese parents in Auckland, New Zealand, where he lived for 18 years. In February 2011 he applied and was accepted into UNSW to study the Civil Engineering with an Architecture program.

In one of his comic videos, he tells the story of how he came to make the decision to come to UNSW, or as he puts it: “how and why he decided to practice his awesomeness in Australia”.

He traces his interest in engineering to his favourite toy as a child – his lego set – which helped to convince him not to become a doctor, like his parents, David and Elaine. He says he is not an “over-achieving international student” and that he never even thought of studying in Australia before his mother, “being a typical Asian parent, suggested the age-old question: ‘Why not? Why not apply for the university overseas? You have got nothing to lose. Later on in life you will regret not taking up this opportunity.’”

He has few regrets about the transition, but on the video he does complain about paying “three times as much for bananas”.

Dallen’s channel is popular among Warrane’s residents partly because it features the talents of many of them. The videos include performances at College band nights, short movies with residents in leading roles and one of the key events on the Warrane calendar – the annual Warrane Billy Cart Race.

Other Dallen hits include a video showing tips on what not to do on a rainy day, an “awesome orsum Physics trick” and Dallen’s version of the Simpson’s theme song.

You can find the channel here.