Why Warrane?

Living on-campus and in college is a great way to make the most of university life.

Warrane College UNSW is an independent residential college on the UNSW campus. 

Here are just a few reasons why it's a great place to live:

Warrane brings together people from a variety of academic backgrounds to create a strong academic community. We have an academic support teamwhich will help you achieve your potential, equip you to make wise career decisions and guide you towards building a successful career.

Recent research of college students across the nation indicates that students who live on campus are more satisfied with their university experience, earn higher marks and are more likely to graduate.

In five minutes, you can be anywhere on campus - classes, unigym, cafes, library, computer labs, bookstore, the list goes on. 

Living in a college means that you'll have all the facilities you need under one roof with almost all of the comforts of home. At Warrane all your cooking and cleaning are done for you, there are great study facilities and plenty of places where people can relax and meet informally.

College isn’t just a place to live; it is a community of people and friends. College life will give you an opportunity to develop life-long friendships and network with talented people from all over Australia and around the world. 

There is a range of social, cultural and sporting activities that bring the College community together and contribute to its unique and vibrant character. Check out our Facebook page to get an insight!

Living at college enriches your university experience and gives you a headstart on life after graduation.

Support is everywhere you look at Warrane. The team of 10 residential tutors and senior staff that live on-site help you navigate the transition to university and are there to provide help when you need it. 

The College’s active social and cultural calendar provides a wealth of opportunities to develop leadership skills, get involved with community service and broaden your cultural horizons.

A group of 20 Collegians recently returned from aworkcamp to India where they built facilities at a primary school in a remote country area. Workcamps are just one of the many College activities you can be part of.