Social & Cultural Life

Activities Committee

Each year, a Student Activities Committee (ActCom) is elected by students. ActCom organizes and promotes sporting, social, community service, and cultural activities.

The premier social events of the year are the Warrane Ball and the harbour cruise. Informal events are often organized with other colleges from UNSW and the University of Sydney. A whole range of "in-house" social events are organized such as trivia nights, short film festivals, band competitions, go-kart racing, televised sporting events and international food nights.

Residents celebrate the rich cultural diversity represented in the College. National days such as St Patrick's Day, Chinese New Year, Anzac Day and Autumn Moon Festival are celebrated with special meals and entertainment.


The "Warrane Cultural Society" was revitalized in 2006. Recent productions have included "The Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew" in 2006 and "HMS Pinafore" in 2007. In 2010 'Sherlock Holmes and Hamlet' was performed for parents during Parents' Day.

Adventure Club

The College bus regularly makes trips to the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley wineries, the ski fields, and other locations in NSW. Residents have the opportunity to spend weekends on outdoor trips that provide a change from life on campus and an opportunity to build friendships.

Great Books Club

Each year a group of residents select classic works of literature as the subjects for the 'Great Books Club'. The books are typically selected around a theme- in 2010 the theme was 'Africa' and in 2009 it was 'Existentialism'. Residents are invited to read and then participate in a discussion of the book , occasionally led by an expert in the field.