Home Environment


Home on "the floor"

Each floor forms a residential unit of 25 people, including two residential tutors. Residents develop a sense of belonging to their floor and build up a strong network of friendship and support. The College's communal atmosphere is strengthened by regular gatherings and activities.

Residents generally find that in a very short time they feel their floor is their home. Due to the layout of rooms and availability of tutors, the floors tend to be very interactive places. An atmosphere of trust fosters promotes security for all residents - for instance, residents do not need to lock their bedrooms with a key as their neighbours are fellow students who they know and trust. This is backed up by security at the College's entrance. Guests are allowed to enter residential areas of the College only if they are accompanied by a resident.

Residential Tutors

Residential tutors mentor individual students in their academic progress. These tutors are senior residents of the College who have demonstrated that they can balance the demands of their academic work with sporting, social and other commitments. Tutors talk individually with students about their studies and other activities, helping them to set personal goals, to manage their time well and to take full advantage of the opportunities that university and the College offer. They also refer residents to academic tutors or other College staff for assistance in particular academic areas.

Coffee Clubs

Warrane's Coffee Clubs have a long history stretching back to the foundation of the College. The idea is that residents of each floor get-together on weeknights for coffee and a chat. Sometimes there will be something special organised, like a birthday celebration or a cultural presentation. Mostly, Coffee Club just provides a chance for residents to catch up and relax. It is normally held at a fixed time every night to allow people to plan their evening.

Household Administration

The Warrane Household Administration provides housekeeping and catering services. Every effort is made to give the College the atmosphere of a home, rather than an institution. A high priority is given to cleanliness, with rooms and common areas serviced three times each week. There is a good deal of variety in meals, catering for Australian, European and Asian tastes. Special diets can be arranged for health or religious reasons. For those who can't make it to meals in the main dining room, the College provides packed lunches, late meals, special meals for residents who are ill, and birthday cakes.


The College reception desk is attended between 7.00am and midnight every day of the year. The attendant not only provides security at the College's entrance, but is also the welcoming face of College for students coming home.

Outside these hours, residents enter the College by ringing a night bell that is attended by a member of staff. As a courtesy to staff and others, residents are asked to return to College at a reasonable time.