Academic Environment

The academic achievement of its residents is a key yardstick by which Warrane gauges its success. Over the years the standards have risen steadily. In recent yeasr, one in three residents at Warrane has attained a distinction average in his course, a rate well above the norm at UNSW.

The College activly helps residents apply themselves to their studies. It encourages them to get the best marks of which they are capable and to aim high in their professional ambitions. There is an extensive academic tutorial system to enhance the residents' performance and older students are always available to pass on their experience in their courses.

Warrane aims to bring together residents from a variety of academic backgrounds to create an academic community. Informally this occurs through peer interaction and the provision of attractive and state-of-the-art study facilities. Formally, Warrane achieves this community through the following programs:

Academic Tutors

Tutorials are provided for groups of students by UNSW staff or senior students who live in the College. Tutors are also available for one-on-one sessions outside the set times.

Faculty Clubs

In 2007, Faculty Clubs were established for the faculties of Engineering, Medicine, Business, Science/IT and The Built Environment. Faculty Clubs provide a forum for students of each faculty to network with each other and with academics and practicioners. Faculty Clubs organize "Faculty Dinners", forums and site visits. Through Faculty Clubs, alumni offer mentoring and career advice to students.

Academic Seminars and Publications

The College hosts academic seminars on a variety of topics that are both of academic interest and have broader social implications. A number of publications arise from these seminars.

Study Weekends & Study Days

Weekends and days away for study are organised by College staff and residential tutors to help residents vary their study environment. These occur most frequently around examination time. The Household Administration caters for these events so that residents can maximize their time for revision.

Academic Awards

Academic achievement is recognised in awards presented to College residents. One of the most sought-after awards is the annual College Scholars Medallion which is presented by a prominent academic to residents who have achieved a distinction average in their subjects in the previous year.

At Wednesday formal dinners, the Master regularly presents the "Master's award for academic achievement". This occasional award is presented to a student who has achieved an excellent result in a mid-semester examination or assignment.

Visiting Academics

During the year, Warrane hosts a number of academics visiting UNSW. They add to the academic environment of the College and occasionally provide assistance to residents through formal tutorials and informal discussions of their field.