Non-resident membership

Non-resident membership grants non-resident students the opportunity of experiencing the benefits of the Warrane College life and community.

Warrane offers a wealth of academic, professional, cultural, social, sporting and spiritual activities to its residents and we would like to share the benefits of these activities to a broad audience. Among the benefits offered to non-resident members are: 

  • Invitations to Faculty Club Dinners during the year;
  • Invitations to selected Wednesday Night Formal Dinners;
  • Access to the academic support program of the College, including academic tutorials and one-on-one academic support;
  • Use of the College’s academic facilities;
  • Participation in the College social, cultural and sporting activities;
  • Invitations to the College’s community service activities, including the yearly workcamp.
  • Attendance at the spiritual activities run by the College; and
  • Discounted meals at the College.

A noteworthy aspect of this support system is the fact that, outside of the benefits obtained from access to residential and academic tutors, one College resident is appointed each year as the non-resident member tutor. This tutor provides a main point of contact for non-resident members as well as personal support and mentoring for these students. 

If you are someone that is in a position to participate in or benefit from the extensive range of activities at Warrane, then you can become a non-resident member. 

Students must demonstrate some interest and connection with Warrane in order to manifest a genuine intention to take advantage of membership, though membership is not limited to students. 

A commitment to academic excellence through either university or high school grades or an equivalent must also be demonstrated and this will be factored into a person’s application.

Warrane reserves the right to reject an application for non-resident membership if it considers that the applicant is not in a position to benefit from or contribute to the life of the college, or the applicant has not demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence. 

Non-resident membership of the College is automatic for those holding honorary titles or those involved in academic support at the College.

Non-resident membership requires the completion of an application form and the payment of a $100 annual fee. All non-resident members are required to be interviewed by a member of College staff prior to receiving their membership.

For ex-residents of Warrane, only a one-off payment of $100 is required. This grants ex-residents life time non-resident membership of the college.