Accommodation is offered in Warrane during UNSW semester and recess times and, when available, for short-term visits.

Semester Accommodation

The academic calendar of UNSW is organized as Semester 1 (February-June), Semester 2 (July-November) and Summer Semester (December-February). The Summer Semester offers a limited range of courses and is also considered as part of "University Recess" for the majority of students.

Warrane College is normally fully occupied for Semesters 1 and 2. Applicants commit to residing in Warrane for a period of one semester and are required to re-apply for semesters following.

Accommodation is charged for an entire semester - including 13 teaching weeks, a one-week mid-semester break, a one-week study vacation (StuVac) and the examination period. Fees should be paid in advance, unless prior arrangements have been with the College Bursar. Applications for full-time residency can be completed online.

Recess Accommodation

Outside the 2 main semesters, Warrane offers accommodation throughout the whole year. This includes the winter recess (July) and the entire summer period (December - February). During these times, residence can be arranged in Warrane for a short stay of 1 night and up to several months. The fee schedule for this time varies according to the length of stay.

Short-term Accommodation

Throughout the academic year, Warrane accepts short-term visitors, depending on availability. The Graduate Wing has several suites that are made available for visiting academics and researchers at UNSW. Applications for temporary accommodation can be completed online.