Image Consultant Provides Residents with Timely Advice

Friday 17 September, 2010

Just two nights ahead of this year's College Ball, Warrane residents were reminded of some key points of etiquette and style. Image consultant Gemma Saccasan spoke about preparation and thougtfulness. "The main object of your evening should be to do what you can to make sure that your partner enjoys herself" she said.

Gemma went on to discuss details of dress, comportment, and conversation as well as aspects of personality. She urged residents to know themselves and to counteract their weaknesses. "If you are a sanguine person, make an effort to quieten down and let others have their turn. If you are phlegmatic, try to combat natural inhibitions and voice some opinions."

Gemma fielded a range of questions from an eager audience. Questions ranged from the necessity of corsages to the propriety of white socks. In addition to the handouts provided, some residents were seen to be taking copious notes.

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