Main Dining Room

Three meals are served each day of the year in the Main Dining Room. On Wednesday evenings, a formal dinner is served for the entire college, consisting of a three-course meal and wine. On other days, the main dining room operates in "bistro" style, allowing residents to dine within designated "opening times".

For religious or dietary reasons, special diets can be arranged by the catering staff.

Guest Dining Room

A Guest Dining Room is located on the 2nd floor. This is primarily used for college staff to receive guests or visitors. It can also be used by tutors or residents, organizing a dinner or meeting for residents. The Guest Dining Room adjoins a Guest lounge with comfortable lounges and large TV screen.

Late Dining Room

The Late Dining Room is located on the ground floor, off the courtyard. Residents can access this room for meals outside the "opening hours" of the Main Dining Room. This includes early breakfasts, late dinners or catering for special events.

The Late Dining Room has facilities for making hot drinks and small snacks.


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