Virtues VS values with Professor Iain Benson

Wednesday 7 September 2016

As if being an international constitutional and human rights lawyer and religious liberty expert wasn’t interesting enough, Professor Iain Benson, the Wednesday night guest for 7 September, is also a published poet.

Currently a Professor of Law at Notre Dame University in Sydney, Scotland-born Benson is an academic, lecturer and practicing lawyer in constitutional law and human rights, with particular focus on freedoms of association, conscience and religion, the nature of pluralism, multi-culturalism and relationships between law, religion and human rights.

His resume is all things exciting, but a highlight would have to be that he was one of the drafters of the South African Charter of Religious Rights and Freedoms. And perhaps it’s also worth a mention that he was retained by the Federal Government of Canada as one of two background writers for their Policy Research Initiative on “Religion and Public Policy” as an aspect of multi-culturalism?

The Supreme Court of Canada and the Constitutional Court of South Africa have cited Professor Benson’s work, and his scholarly work is referred to in many books and articles. Plus he is listed in Canadian Who’s Who. Working in English and French, he divides his time between France, Canada, South Africa and Australia.

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