Sophie York, spokeswoman for the Marriage Alliance

Wednesday 16th August 2017 7.15pm

Sophie York is a Lecturer of Public International Law and Legal Philosophy at The University of Notre
Dame, and Jurisprudence at The University of Sydney. The mother of four is a successful lawyer,
published author, engaging speaker, university lecturer and naval officer.
After being called to the Bar in 1995, she has engaged in numerous legal panels, research positions
and as a contributing member of associations: devoting her time, energy and professional
knowledge to causes close to her heart. Currently, one of these is being a spokeswoman for the
Marriage Alliance, an independent alliance which seeks to keep the current definition of marriage.
Other roles have included working as a mediator for LEADR (Lawyers for Alternative Dispute
Resolution); as a voice for women’s rights and human rights through Collective Shout and the
Benenson Society; and as a Naval Legal Officer. She has co-organised a 5000-person strong anti-
corruption demonstration outside Parliament House in 2009; she has written a book about the
Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami’s Australian relief effort in Banda Aceh; and she has supported a Funding
Petition for palliative care tabled in New South Wales Parliament.

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