Ross Maddock on his successful international relations career

Wednesday 23rd August 2017 7.15pm

Ross Maddock is the Chairman of the Australia-Taiwan Business Council, which plays a central role in fostering relations between Australia and Taiwan through promoting business between Australia, Taiwan and China.  

Maddock graduated from the University of Queensland with a Diploma in Chinese from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His insightful career included service in military, defense, intelligence and diplomatic roles at Saigon, Canberra, London, Hong Kong, Peking and Taipei. He has served a senior advisor on the private staff of the Australian federal government.

Maddock is an expert on the Sinosphere, particularly China and Taiwan politics, trade, investment and international strategic and security issues. He is a Vietnam veteran who was in Saigon during the 1968 Tet offensive and in Peking on 9 September 1976, the day on which Chairman Mao died.  He is fluent in standard Chinese and has a working knowledge of Taiwanese and Hokkien; and was a guest at the Inauguration of Chen Shui-bian as President of Taiwan in 2000 - which was the first ever transfer of power as a result of a democratic election in the history of the Chinese-speaking peoples.

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