Expert on bionic eye to speak at Warrane

2012-09-26 13:59:59 2012-09-26 13:59:59

Nigel LovellA world leader in the quest for a bionic eye, Professor Nigel Lovell, will speak at Warrane on Wednesday 26 September, 2012.

Professor Lovell, a professor at the Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering at UNSW, has predicted that a bionic eye could be possible by as early as 2020.

He says that researchers have already developed a "vision prosthesis", or bionic eye, capable of detecting light, dark and visual patterns.

Professor Lovell, who is Program Leader, Electrical Stimulation Strategy for Bionic Vision Australia, has expertise in biomedical instrumentation and biological signal processing, as well as neurophysiology and physiological modelling.

Over his career he has been awarded over $25 million in research, consultancy and infrastructure funding.

He was appointed to the position of Scientia Professor at the University of New South in recognition of his “outstanding research performance and professionalism”.

Professor Lovell’s principal research interests lie in the application of appropriate technology to primary healthcare, particularly to the design of an electronic vision prosthesis.

As leader of the electrical stimulation strategy program, he is seeking to “design, test and validate algorithms for transforming information from the visual scene into patterns of electrical stimulation and to assess how these stimulation approaches equate to visual perception”.

Professor Lovell holds a BE (Hons) (Electrical Engineering) from UNSW and a PhD in Cardiac Neurophysiology, also from UNSW.

He has published hundreds of journal articles, books, chapters, patents, refereed proceedings and abstracts.

The bionic eye was identified as a key health goal for Australia at the 2020 Summit which as held in Canberra in 2008.

Professor Lovell said then that there were already some overseas trials of rudimentary bionic eye devices but that Australian research had produced certain designs that were more advanced.

He will speak at Warrane after formal dinner, at about 7:15 pm in the Main Common Room.

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