Education pioneer to be special guest at Warrane

Wednesday 12 March 2014

Warrane’s guest speaker on Wednesday 12 March, 2014, will be Australian education pioneer, Dr Andrew Mullins, a graduate of the UNSW Faculty of Arts.

Dr Mullins, who is currently Headmaster of Wollemi College in Werrington in Sydney’s western suburbs, helped to establish the first PARED Foundation school for boys in Sydney -- Redfield College at Dural -- where he was principal for 15 years.

PARED (Parents for Education) has pioneered an approach to education that emphasises the principle that parents are the primary educators of their children “and that schools exist to give parents every support”.

The PARED approach involves a unique tutorial system that links what happens at school with what takes place in the family home. Through it each student is assigned a personal mentor, or “tutor”, whose role is to be a “constant source of support for the student” through personal attention, friendship, example and advice and by meet regularly with students and with parents to review progress and help with setting goals.

The foundation emphasises character development and virtues in the school curriculum, and strives to give “ongoing input to parents through a variety of programs all designed to assist parents to be more effective”.

Dr Mullins is also author of the book Parenting for Character - Equipping your child for life which offers parents advice on parenting based on sources from classical to modern times, including Plato, Aristotle, Plutarch, Confucius, Cicero, Goethe, Winston Churchill and Pope John Paul II.

Published by Finch Publishing, the book has helped many parents to develop an organised, professional approach to the task of parenting.

In addition to his experience as a headmaster, Dr Mullins, has spent 25 years teaching the humanities in Australian secondary schools.

He will speak in Warrane’s Main Common Room at 7.15 pm following formal dinner.

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