3rd Floor

Junya Eguchi   3rd Floor Senior Tutor

Junya will be Warrane's Head Tutor this year. In his 5th year at Warrane, he will have completed his undergraduate degree and begun his Masters by Research. 

One of Junya's passions in life is playing rugby union, which is a sport also popular in his native country Japan. South African born, but educated in Canberra, Junya loves Sydney and what it has to offer. 

He is always looking out for his fellow residents by encouraging them to increase their daily consumption of vegetables.



Chris Chan   3rd Floor Junior Tutor

Chris is from Hong Kong and has been a resident of Warrane since 2015. He came to study in Australia in 2011 and completed his high school education in Sydney.

He is currently in his third year of a Commerce/Law degree. Chris enjoys spinning some yarns and playing sport, especially soccer.



4th Floor



James Tudehope  4th Floor Senior Tutor

James has been a resident of Warrane since 2013 and this will be his second year as Assistant Dean of the College.

James has recently completed an Arts Degree at the University of Sydney and is now completing a Masters of Management at UTS whereupon completion he will look for work in the tertiary industry..

James has a keen interest in history and sport and is more than happy to have robust discussions on issues ranging from Roger Federer to Australia’s national identity.



Dominic Smith  4th Floor Junior Tutor

Dominic has been a resident at Warrane College since 2015.

Dominic completed a Bachelor of Arts with a history major, and is currently studying a Bachelor of Laws at the University of Notre Dame Sydney.

He has a thorough interest in history, philosophy, law, and literature. He is a great lover of movies and often plagiarises entire conversations from them. Dominic has a great love of sport, especially rugby and tennis, but also enjoys cards and board games.



5th Floor




Joseph Chigwidden  5th Floor Senior Tutor

Joseph pursued the lofty heights of Arts in the initial stages of his tertiary education, majoring in History. With pen to paper, this budding tutor has relentlessly fought the distractions of boyish pursuits, climbing a mountain of academic success thereby leaving him with an entrance into Law at UNSW.

An inspiration for all battlers, Joseph avidly aims to imbue his peers with a confidence that will see them to inevitable good fortune, both academically and characteristically.

His guarantee? He is from the epicentre of excellence; Wagga Wagga.




Matthew Donnelly  5th Floor Junior Tutor

Matt is in his final year of a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Physics), and will be the Cultural Director of Warrane in 2016.

Growing up in Sydney, he started university in 2012 before taking a gap year to teach Physics and Maths in a school in south London.

Matt is a fan of most sports especially rugby, AFL, surfing, Nordic Combined and Bobsled, and thinks that the Winter Olympics are in fact much more interesting to watch than the Summer Olympics.

He's always around for a chat (except when he's at the beach) and ready to lend a hand with any Physics related problems.


6th Floor


William Bonehan  6th Floor Senior Tutor

From Westleigh in Northwest Sydney, Will is in his 3rd year of a medical degree at the University of Sydney. He is in his clinical year, quickly adapting to the fast-paced environment of the hospital. 

He is interested in music (playing guitar, drums and singing) sports (especially rugby union), and the art of the pun (plus his favourite animals are primates: that's a gibbon.





Callum Arkell  6th Floor Junior Tutor

Callum is a 3rd year resident at Warrane and currently studies Mechanical Engineering and UNSW.

He was born and raised in Canberra, where he has learnt to enjoy frosty mornings, roundabouts and

the great art of being a tour guide of Canberra to his friends that are unfortunate enough to not live

in the national capital.

He enjoys playing football (soccer), hockey, and being active supporter of the other sportsmen of the

college, as well as the great men behind the BBQ at many of the events at Warrane.


7th Floor

Joseph Hoare  7th Floor Senior Tutor

Joe is the Assistant Dean at Warrane. During his former stay at Warrane Joe completed a Commerce degree at UNSW. He has since completed a JD at UTS.  

Hailing from Campbeltown in Sydney's South-West - Joe has a keen interest in Rugby League especially the Wests Tigers. 

Joe also has a keen interest in Art, Sport and Politics. He is especially vocal on all things tennis.


Nathan Wendt  7th Floor Junior Tutor

Born in Bahrain, Nathan grew up in Coffs Harbour, finishing high school at St John Paul College in 2014.

Nathan began at Warrane in 2015, commencing a double degree in Mechanical Engineering and Commerce. In 2016 he was a sports director and led the college to a 5th straight sports shield.

Nathan's main interests involve cricket, soccer and music. He is always up for a chat in anything to do with modern cultural developments in the meme community.