3rd Floor

Patrick Tighe
3rd Floor Senior Tutor

Patrick is the Head Tutor at Warrane and has been a resident since 2012. 

Patrick hails from Coonabarabran in Country NSW and is in his final year of a Commerce/Law degree. Patrick has seemlessly made the transition to the 'big-smoke' and hopes to open a small suburban law firm in the future. 

Patrick has a keen interest in telescopes, tennis and politics. 


Junya Eguchi
3rd Floor Junior Tutor

Junya is originally from Japan, and was born in South Africa.

He completed his high school education in Canberra, graduating in 2011. After a gap year, he commenced studying a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology at UNSW and this will be his last year. He has been a resident of Warrane since 2013 and this year will be his second year as a tutor.

His passion lies in rugby union and also enjoys travelling.


4th Floor

James Tudehope
4th Floor Senior Tutor

James has been a resident of Warrane since 2013 and this will be his first year as Assistant Dean of the College.

James has recently completed an Arts Degree at the University of Sydney and is now completing a Masters of Teaching at UNSW whereupon completion he will look for work as a history teacher.

James has a keen interest in history and sport and is more than happy to have robust discussions on issues ranging from Roger Federer to Australia’s national identity.


Matthew Donnelly
4th Floor Junior Tutor

Matt is in his final year of a Bachelor of Advanced Science (Physics), and will be the Cultural Director of Warrane in 2016.

Growing up in Sydney, he started university in 2012 before taking a gap year to teach Physics and Maths in a school in south London.

Matt is a fan of most sports especially rugby, AFL, surfing, Nordic Combined and Bobsled, and thinks that the Winter Olympics are in fact much more interesting to watch than the Summer Olympics.

He's always around for a chat (except when he's at the beach) and ready to lend a hand with any Physics related problems.


5th Floor

Peter Bradshaw
5th Floor Senior Tutor

Pete moved from his home in Newcastle into Warrane at the start of 2013.

He is going into the honours year of his Mathematics degree in 2016.

Outside of academics, Peter enjoys playing sport, particularly soccer, and watching movies on weekends (he has a soft spot for Disney).

Pete loves being around people, and is always keen to catch people for a chat and to see how they're going.

Moving forward Peter plans to finish his degree and, with marks permitting, possibly consider postgraduate study or work overseas. Only time will tell!


Andrew Santucci
5th Floor Junior Tutor


Andrew has been a resident since 2012 with only a short break from college to focus on a small painting collection.

Now a studying a Juris Doctor, Andrew previously studied History. During his time at college he has pioneered a love for both the humanities and fine arts for residents.

Andrew dabbles in poetry, applies himself at both video and music production and enjoys sport.

While no longer able to play rugby due to repetitive surgeries, Andrew enjoys getting the saddle out and playing a couple of chukkas when time permits.


6th Floor

Thomas Ryan
6th Floor Senior Tutor


Thomas has been a resident at Warrane since 2012, and has been a tutor since 2014.

Thomas is a keen sportsman and has previously held the position of Sports Director at Warrane. Thomas also has a keen interested in politics and can often be heard discussing the merits of the free market at meal times. Thomas is also well known for his strong support for the Collingwood Football Club.

Thomas has completed a Bachelor of Political, Economic and Social Sciences at the University of Sydney, and is currently studying a Masters of Commerce (Finance) at UNSW. 


William Horspool
6th Floor Junior Tutor


Will has just finished his science degree and has just started a Phd here at UNSW.

He comes from the countryside around Bathurst but has stayed at Warrane during university semesters since starting his degree.

He's a keen explorer, bushwalker and hockey player. He also finds time to break out a board game most Friday nights with the guys at Warrane.


7th Floor

Elwyn Stannard
7th Floor Senior Tutor


Elwyn was the President of Warrane in 2015.

He was Sports Director for 2014 and helped the college win the inter-college sports shield for the third year in a row.

He hails from our nations great capital, Canberra, and has plenty of pride for their roundabouts and Questacon.

Elwyn is a big fan of all sports, especially tennis. He is always free for a chat and up for a game of touch footy on the Village Green.



John Paul Meyer
7th Floor Junior Tutor


John Paul (JP) is currently in his third year at college and will be the President of Warrane for 2016. Prior to his time at college he completed a degree in Mathematics at USyd. But after deciding that one degree was not enough he returned to uni, this time doing Computer Science at UNSW.

When not teaching maths to first years he can be found at the gym lifting stuff and doing Pilates.

He enjoys rock climbing, Salsa dancing, and long walks down to Coogee beach.​​